Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Market to the right audience at the right time

SEM or Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a powerful tool which offers measurable results, instantly. While the logic of presenting the right ad to the right audience and then pay each time a user clicks on your ad is quite simple, it takes insight, knowledge and skill to become an expert in Online Marketing. We at SRM Systems being your preferred SEO Company in Bangalore, use sophisticated and white hat techniques to help you get maximum value from paid search.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a form of marketing where advertisers do not have to pay to display their ads on popular search engines but only pay each time anyone clicks on the ad. All leading search engines today have their own pay per click services to help you promote your business faster than if you rely solely on organic rankings (using SEO). If time is a factor and you need fast results then PPC might be the best solution for you. Some of our top pay per click services includes Google’s Ad Words, Yahoo’s Search Marketing, and Microsoft’s Bing ads, Facebook Advertising and many more.

We strive hard to understand your audience’s digital behavior, their likes & dislikes, their preferences and their taste so as to provide each one of them with a customized search experience making your brand gain its due recognition. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Bangalore, helps us drive quality traffic to your website which helps you in closing more deals.

How we help you do online marketing in Bangalore.

Our professional search engine marketing experts know the right formula to run a successful PPC campaign for your business. We have developed these techniques over the years as we know that a huge amount of marketing effort gets wasted if you do the wrong marketing.

We’re an experienced pay-per-click company providing professional PPC services in Bangalore to businesses of all shape and size. We can run your PPC campaigns on the search engines of your choice without letting a single cent of your ad spend go to waste.

Online Marketing Services

Local Market Research

Performing an effective online marketing campaign requires an understanding of the local market and consumer search patterns. Hence, at SRM Systems we take the necessary time to get to know your business, your clients & their needs, USP & your competitors. The more research we do, the better the PPC results for you and your business.

Keyword Research

As in the case with SEO Services, intelligent keyword research is an integral part of online marketing. It’s not about getting the highest search volumes, it’s about selecting and using keywords that work for your business. Doing the right research will get you the right results for the right reasons.

Account & Campaign Creation

We do create separate accounts for you on different platforms in order to keep your online marketing efforts intact and unique. You will be able to see the entire progress each and every time an advert is placed or clicked and will be in full control of your marketing efforts.

Landing Of Optimization

Your online marketing will bring in high quality visitors to your site, but it will note ensure conversions. To convent visitors into paying customers you need purpose designed landing pages. At SRM Systems we specialize in creating awesome landing page specifically designed for selling products & service. Our landing pages lead your visitors through the buying cycle and help you make cost effective sales.

Campaign Testing & Reporting

As your preferred online marketing company in Bangalore, we aim to provide you with eye catching ads which can trigger clicks and generate leads. Our testing and reporting tools help you analyze the impact of your marketing campaign.

Lead Generation

As your ads will appear only on the relevant search queries, the users may click on your ad leading to an ultimate lead generation and conversion. Every time a user clicks on your ad, you pay the online advertiser like Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Bing a certain amount